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There is no one size fits all solution. Our vision is to create environmentally friendly products using a myriad of techniques- considering the beginning, middle, and the end of a product's life cycle- so that we can enjoy the benefits of new products while mitigating the impact on our planet. We will be creating sustainable pet supplies out of recycled, compostable, and recyclable materials.


As we grow as a company, we will look to continually improve how we operate. We want what is best for your pets and the planet.

We have taken careful consideration to minimize the footprint of all our packaging. All of our shipping materials are compostable (or recyclable if compost is not available in your area).



  • Boxes and shopping bags are made of 100% recycled materials. We use stamp each box ourselves, to further reduce our footprint.

  • We use sustainably sourced GreenWrap as an alternative to bubble wrap.

  • Thank you cards are printed on 100% recycled card stock.

  • We use Kraft paper for all of our product tags and business cards. We have even chosen our font and text size with consideration of how much ink will be required.

  • We ship with CanadaPost located within 10km of our home and try to limit our travel by shipping 1-2 times/ week if possible.


We have always been passionate about the environment however, it wasn’t until we started Precious Pawz By KOBBS that we realized the impacts of our own consumerism. After we received our first few products we decided that we wanted to focus on sustainability.


As we create products moving forward, we are making sure to mitigate our impact at every supply chain step. We are currently working on homemade dog grooming products and sustainable dog & cat toys. There are also some 100% compostable cat and dog products on their way. Be sure to stay up to date by viewing our ‘Coming Soon' page or joining our email community.


We currently run the business out of our home in British Columbia, Canada. We source out as much of our office supplies as possible from local, sustainable companies. We aim for sustainable, waste-free lifestyles, and our office does as well. We try to use Kraft paper where we can due to its natural ability to biodegrade and its recyclable properties. We have even started to use staple-free staplers as another way to reduce waste; even the little things matter!


In our efforts to be sustainable, we are well-intentioned, however, we are bound to miss some things. We appreciate your patience and understanding, as we are still learning. If you have any suggestions, feel free to reach out!



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